Orée is involved in EPBRS studies (European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy) on the theme of “Biodiversity & Industry” and organised, in November 2008, as part of the EPBRS’ s bi-annual meeting, an event associated with the French presidency of the European Union, the 3rd week of the electronic conference “Experiences and best practices from businesses” as well as the “Biodiversity: businesses and scientists engage in dialogue” day.
The final session “How to integrate biodiversity into corporate strategies – feedback”, coordinated by Orée, was marked by strong European participation. England, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Portugal, Russia, the Czech Republic and Switzerland presented exemplary case studies (catchment basin management, landfill site) and ongoing programmes covering an activity sector (agriculture) or the entire production process (perfumes and cosmetics, agribusiness).
Orée members were also actively involved in the debate.

Addresses, PowerPoint presentations and final recommendations can be consulted on the EPBRS’s website, with a page dedicated to the “Biodiversity & Industry” days which were held in Paris from 17 to 21 November 2008.

At the same time, on Tuesday 18 November 2008, Orée organised, in conjunction with the FRB (Foundation for Research on Biodiversity), a meeting on biodiversity between scientists and businesses with support from the MNHN, Natureparif, France Nature Environment, Diversitas and Veolia Environment. This meeting was described as “historic” as economic and scientific players met in an effort to establish a genuine dialogue on the complex issue of the integration of economic activities within the limits of the biosphere.