Environmental dynamics for the territories

Orée is a non profit organization founded in 1992, that brings companies and local authorities together so as to develop a thought process on their environmental impacts and, in particular, on environmental management and its practical implementation at the landscape level.


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ORÉE, 2014. Management of biodiversity by stakeholders: from awareness to action, Guide, 300p.

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  • Special issue "Promoting business reporting standards for biodiversity and ecosystem services". Click here


Eco design platform




Every product and service impacts on the environment. The ecodesign is a preventive approach of continual improvement, which consists in reducing the negative impacts of the products during its whole life cycle, from the extraction of the raw materials to the product recycling, while conserving or optimizing its functionality and performance.


The ecodesign platform gives you the opportunity to discover on your own the ecodesign approach, and to help you in your progress if you are already familiar with the approach.