Environmental expertise

In 2005, Orée, in conjunction with Valeurs Vertes, the sustainable development magazine, organised the conference: “Legitimate experts for a genuine debate”. This event showed that traditional expertise was not always successful in implementing a process to give the best possible advice on a specific issue to be used as a basis for an important decision. Orée therefore proposed the creation of a “cross-sectional, multi-player, multi-skills entity, open to all”, resulting in an innovative and independent centre of expertise for democratic debate, aimed at initiating and structuring panel discussions.
In 2006, the working group defined a methodology for conducting a free panel discussion where all parties can express themselves.
In 2009, a proposition was made to submit the idea for debate that waste recycling constitutes the best solution for waste disposal. This idea seems universally evident but is this actually the case? What would the causes and consequences of this error in perspective be?
In 2010, with the following question as a starting point for the first panel discussion: “Is it necessary to recycle everything ?”, the objective of Orée’s working group is to establish a first Forum of expertise to tackle this issue, provide a method so that the right questions can emerge, in order to develop decision-making aid tools and identify priority research guidelines.


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