BBII indicator

The Business and Biodiversity Interdependence Indicator (BBII) was developed in 2006 by the IFB – Orée working group with help from the Master’s programme in Environmental Science and Engineering of the Paris Diderot University. The aim of the method developed is simplicity to enable self-assessment by businesses. The scope of the indicator covers semi-finished and finished products or the activity, which can be multiple and diversified as is the case for groups or multinationals.

Prior identification of the specific characteristics of the company, product(s) or activity(ies) analysed is essential.

23 criteria were selected for the creation of this composite indicator which characterises the interactions between biodiversity and businesses. These criteria are presented in section 1.3 of the guide for the integration of biodiversity into corporate strategies. This publication also presents 24 examples of feedback from businesses and local authorities who applied the BBII indicator to their own activities.

Each criterion is evaluated using a four-category scale (Download the analysis grid – for members only), each business having to position itself in one of these categories by ticking a box while justifying its choice. Associating an explanation with the evaluation of each criterion enables a qualitative approach to the company’s perception of its biodiversity interdependence.