Debates meeting

Debates meetings (CaféOrée / ConfOrée ) bring together professionals to discuss a technical subject presented by one or several specialists.
Their objective is to reinforce relationships between the members of the network, help anticipate future challenges and problems, in particular in terms of regulations (REACH, WEEE, etc.). They also aim at providing actual responses to questions specific to certain types of stakeholders, situations and commitments. Debates meetings promote friendly interactivity involving “keynote speakers”, experts, personalities, etc.

Those meetings are open to all. Members have priority to attend these sessions and receive a report in the weekly press release; they can also access the meeting documents on the website.


2013 :
  • 24 April : CafeOree "How to overcome the waste status and what prospects?"
  • 28 January : Annual Conference "Crisis, environmental taxation and competitiveness"

2012 :

  • 23 November : CafeOree in partnership with the 4D on "Face to erosion, what sustainable management of biodiversity?"
  • 19 October : Side-event "How stakehodlers can build both with economy and biodiversity goals ?" (Hyderabad, India)
2011 :
  • 16 November : 2011 Annual Conference "Occupation and land uses: the competition to conciliation"  
  • 22 June : Conference "Eco design and the businesses strategies" (Paris) more information
  • 14 June : Conference "industrial ecology - COMETHE  project's results" more information
  • 16 March : Conference " International Year of Forests" (Paris) (partnership with Maisons du Monde)  more information.
  • 7 February : "Eco-socio-innovation" (Paris) (partnership with Ethicity)