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FRB’s Strategic Steering Committee (COS)


A historical partner of the Orée guide and working group, the IFB (French Institute of Biodiversity) was disbanded in 2008 and became the FRB (Foundation for Research on Biodiversity). Orée naturally became a partner of the new entity, having supported the creation of a Foundation as part of the propositions made for the Grenelle conference on the environment. Orée is a member of the FRB’s Scientific Steering Committee (COS). 40 groups working on specific issues are represented at the COS by a permanent member and a deputy. Orée has a dedicated group whose permanent member is Ghislaine Hierso, President.

Orée members can consult (upon request) COS meeting reports. 
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Access the COS‘s website (members, contact us for the identifiers)

Biodiversity Committee

Officially launched on 12 November 2008 by senators Blandin and Le Grand, the “Biodiversity Committee” is designed to generate ideas to inform decision-makers, in particular members of Parliament. It involves elected officials, trade unions, associations and economic players.

Elected to the board of directors during its first General Meeting on 15 April 2009, Orée is involved in the 2009-2010 plan of action:

  • work on the decision-making domain: restoring economic growth by integrating biodiversity
  • envisage and support the creation of a biodiversity agency
  • develop new opportunities with scientists 
  • reveal the links between health and biodiversity 
  • prepare 2010 International Year of Biodiversity
  • launch a website 
  • examine animal suffering 




Natureparif, the regional agency for nature and biodiversity in the Ile-de-France Region, was created upon the initiative of the Regional Council at the beginning of 2008, in keeping with the regional strategy for biodiversity. Its three primary tasks are to collect all the data produced on biodiversity in the Region, organise and promote the exchange of experience with a view to preserving biodiversity and undertake educational actions targeting our fellow citizens to raise their awareness of the issues at stake.

Orée is a member of the board of directors.


Natureparif intends to mobilise all stakeholders with a view to preserving biodiversity. The agency contributed to the publication of the guide: “Integrating biodiversity into corporate strategies”.